Opponents try to claim President Obama has “destructive” policies.

Obama’s policies fall directly in line with what history shows works. The middle class and upper class were the most prosperious ever from the 1940’s – 1970’s under the same policies Obama is fighting for. The country needs well funded public schools, a healthcare “option” that is affordable, and social security and medicare. These are not only great things, they free up income for the middle class to spend, and educate the middle class so they can work. Both cause businesses to do much better, and the wealthy to make even more money. To have those things though, it used to be understood by all (Republicans and Democrats) in the early 20th century that everyone should equally sacrifice our “quality of life” through taxation. That is thought behind Progressive taxation, and the reason we should fix the tax code. The upper class should be paying a higher percentage than the middle class, which would increase revenues to the goverment dramatically. This isn’t a theory, we had progressive taxation up until 1980. Look it up. Much higher revenues, along with lowering spending is how you balance the budget. And we can do it without cutting schools, social security, and healthcare.

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