As Hurricane Sandy slams the NorthEast, we should all be reminded just how powerful the Earth’s forces are, and how fragile our ecosystem can be. Hurricanes, Droughts, Tsunamis, and even Oil Disasters show us again and again the delicate balance between human civilization and the planet.

Some people say, “less government, less regulations, get government out of our lives.” But without government, who will be looking out for the planet? Who will protect the ecosystems that we live off of, and make sure the delicate balance is kept strong? Who makes sure that the Earth doesn’t just survive, but flourishes with all the things we need from nature?

The fact of the matter is that we need a strong, well funded government to protect and look out for our well being. Free-market capitalism and corporations don’t care at all about the environment, nature, or our balance with the Earth. They are programmed for one thing only, Profit. You will never see them regulate themselves against polluting the air, require stricter standards on their systems to protect against disasters, or lessen their use of the Earths limited resources. They care about the price of the stock going up, and making as much money as they can. While competition is great and necessary for our economy, it should always come a distant second when compared to the safety of nature and the planet.

So with this in mind, please take note. When critics of the President Obama try to label him as inept because he blocked funding of the “job creating” Keystone Pipeline Project (Oil pipeline going from Canada through the U.S.A. to Mexico), know that it was blocked because major environmental concerns still exist about such a pipeline going through the middle of the country. Know that this pipeline wouldn’t pump regular oil, but Tar Sands Oil which is by far dirtier, more corrosive, and more threatening to our water ways and communities than any other oil. Know that only 17 months after the disasterous BP Oil spill in the Gulf, Republicans were trying to rush this controversial project through legislation by implementing a 60 day deadline. Know that Cornell released a study saying that the Project may actually kill more jobs than it creates, due to lessened investments in the clean energy economy. Know that President Obama isn’t always swayed by corporate campaign contributions, or a good headline in the newspaper. Know that sometimes profits, free-market capitalism, jobs, and corporations need to come second.

Think to yourself, with all of our advancements, what have we done to help nature, the ecosystems, and the Earth grow stronger? Anything? Or are we merely trying to offset the endless growth of pollution, consumption, and devastation?

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